Live Preview

Basic requirements #

The Wear Gallery supports live preview of images in your phone, but only if you meet the requirements below. If you can’t meet the requirements or don’t want to use this feature, you can hide it in the settings.

  • Your mobile phone runs on Android OS and the Wear Gallery must be installed on your phone.
  • The watch is paired with the phone and connected via Bluetooth.

Install the mobile client #

You can download the Wear Gallery mobile phone installation package through any of the links below.

Users in China mainland strongly recommend opening it with a system browser (click on the top right corner) after scanning the QR code. Downloading directly in Wechat or QQ may be mistakenly blocked.

Debug #

  • Confirm that the Wear Gallery of the same version has been installed both on the watch and phone.
  • Confirm that the phone is connected to the watch via Bluetooth.
  • Confirm that the Wear Gallery is allowed to start automatically and run in the background.